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Fahim and Lardenoit Offer Guidance on Tech Strategies in Post-Pandemic World

Technology has gone from a nice-to-have tool to one that is essential for business continuity during the pandemic. Beyond the enterprise, how will technology change the work environment once we return?

ESD Practice Leader for Intelligent Building Technologies Mo Fahim and ESD Workplace Solutions Practice Leader Julie Lardenoit developed the webisode “The Future of Technology in the Workplace” to help clients understand what is possible as technology begins to reshape commercial real estate in a post-pandemic world. Digital transformation of the built environment continues to play an essential role in the evolution of the workplace beyond productivity, efficiency and occupant experiences.

“For the short-term and mid-term, we’ll be looking at tried-and-true technology solutions that are quick to implement and are cost effective,” Fahim said. “Long-term, we’ll be seeking technologies that will support the vision of the enterprise and the workplace-workforce relationship models as they continue to evolve. Expect IoT and proptech solutions – both new and existing – that have been slow to implement start to gain mainstream adoption.”

Fahim emphasized that before any of that can happen, the top priority is the health and well-being of employees heading back to the office.

“We need to provide a safe workplace and one people want to come back to,” he said.

To see the full webisode, click the image below. 

Practice Leader for Intelligent Building Technologies Mo Fahim is a high-energy technologist passionate about innovation, setting high expectations and delivering for the client. As practice leader of the Workplace Solutions team, Julie Lardenoit is committed to maintaining strong communication between members of the project team to ensure that challenges are overcome quickly and that deadlines are met without fail. Both share their extensive knowledge in as part of ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Want to know more about how ESD can help you and your building or workplace? Please reach out to Mo or Julie.

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