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Enterprise Solutions

Autonomy, agility, adaptability, and control are some of the reasons an organization may choose an independent enterprise data center solution. Whatever you call it – corporate data center, corporate critical infrastructure, or enterprise data – we can help tailor capabilities to your specific needs.

Planning For the Unplanned

Company data centers are expected to operate 24/7/365. When critical infrastructure reaches the end of its useful life, data centers become prone to unplanned outages, and equipment replacement becomes critical. There are also instances where upgrades are necessary to increase capacity, consolidate loads, and remediate points of failure.

The potential to capture stranded capacity and space and maximize the ability to support IT loads is also possible. Wherever you are in this inevitable cycle, our experts can help with a safe, efficient upgrade or transition.

Finding the Right Mix

Will cloud computing replace enterprise operations? While outsourcing to private/public clouds for data storage is becoming more prevalent, there is still a place for enterprise data centers.

Many companies are creating hybrid data center environments by combining owner-operated facilities with cloud storage. We can help you determine the best solution for your situation.

Objective Advice on Design Solutions

Our engineers design with an unbiased point of view based upon performance and suitability. Equipment vendors often design based upon a sale. The difference can mean costs in security, efficiency, and reliability.

Other Mission Critical Facility Design Capabilities

Building the data center campuses of tomorrow


Enabling more capacity, more flexibility


Capacity planning to anticipate future high speed and complex calculation needs


News and Events: A Prism of Possibilities

The markets we serve are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

Eshedagho Joins Conference Panel on Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality Goals

The Advancing Data Center Construction 2023 conference is underway this week in Kansas City, Missouri, focusing on the issues and challenges facing that industry. This includes the environmental impact of data centers as the demand for cloud storage and connectivity continues to grow. (Learn more about data center sustainability.)

What is the Future of Renewable Energy in Powering Data Centers?

The pressure on data centers to deliver reliable performance while also being cost-effective and environmentally friendly is growing at a seemingly exponential rate. (Learn more about the sustainable data centers.)

Data Center Designers Advised to Keep It Cool

ESD data center designers co-author a review of ASHRAE guidelines and standards they say can serve as a roadmap to planning air distribution systems for modern data centers. (Learn more about data center air distribution.)

Be the Future of Enterprise Solutions

Business operations depend on efficient and secure data delivery. You can rely on us. Let’s work together to make tomorrow’s world faster, safer, and more sustainable.

How Can We Help with Your Enterprise Data Center?

Prepare for The Future of Enterprise Data Center Design Solutions

The future is coming fast, and it demands zero downtime. Work with us to create enterprise data solutions that are prepared for the possibilities tomorrow brings.

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