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MEP/FP/A Engineering

With the right partner, professional consulting engineering creates healthier and more productive environments and facilities.

Our experts help you create more cost effective, flexible, reliable, and sustainable built environments. With the experience and expertise to navigate local and international building codes, our engineers can facilitate effective and efficient systems design.


Creating the best mechanical systems design starts with a full understanding of your organization’s desired outcomes. What are you looking for? Improved air quality? Optimized occupant comfort? Improved energy efficiency? Or perhaps your business requires operational integrity and resiliency. Our mechanical engineering experts offer design solutions and technical advice for a wide variety of functions, including:

  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
  • Central Plants
  • Cogeneration
  • Temperature Controls
  • Facility and Energy Reviews
HVAC Systems. Credit: Tom Harris | Design by Gensler
Credit: © Tom Harris | Design by Gensler
Electrical Engineering. 151 North Franklin, Chicago, Illinois. Credit: Nick Ulivieri Photography
Credit: ©Nick Ulivieri Photography


We’ve come a long way from Ben Franklin’s kite and key experiment in a lightning storm. Today, electricity literally powers the world economy. Evolving electrical system design keeps everything– from communication and supercomputing to financial trading and logistics– buzzing. Whatever your electrical design needs, our electrical engineers offer technical expertise relative to reliability, resiliency, and flexibility for:

  • Normal / Emergency / Standby / Uninterruptible Power
  • Cogeneration / Distributed Generation Systems
  • Electrical Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Energy Conservation Retrofits
  • Mission Critical Systems
  • Reliability Analysis Reports
  • Site Power Distribution Systems


Arguably our most precious natural resource, water is the life blood of any building. And clean and efficient water systems are at the heart of these structures. Proper sanitation systems prevent disease and contribute to healthy environments. Our plumbing design and consulting services include incorporating domestic water supply, sanitation, and storm water systems into your facility’s design. Plumbing engineers at ESD offer design solutions and technical expertise for:

  • Domestic Hot- and Cold-Water Distribution
  • Food Service/Pumping
  • Sanitary and Storm Drainage
  • Water Treatment
  • Acid Dilution Systems
Plumbing Engineering
Fire Protection and Life Safety Engineering

Fire Protection/Life Safety

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety is cited as one of our most primal and basic human requirements for a happy and healthy life. Today’s advances in technology help building owners and managers meet that need with state-of-the-art systems and equipment. But these safety nets are only as good as their implementation and use. Properly designed and functioning fire protection, life safety, and fire alarm systems provide facility occupants, operators, and owners with a higher level of confidence that they are safe within their facilities.

Our technical specialists offer you peace of mind by providing expertise and design solutions for:

  • Fire Pump Booster
  • Wet/Dry/Pre-Action Sprinklers
  • Clean Agent Suppression
  • Fire Alarm and Monitoring Systems
  • ADA and Local Code Authority Systems / Analysis
  • Hazard Analysis and Insurance Rating Coordination
  • Hydraulic Calculations and Flow Analysis


This specialized branch of engineering is focused on the science of sound and vibration. Working with our other in-house engineering teams, Acoustical focuses on the design, analysis, and control of sound to deliver a superior environmental experience for our clients. In other words, designing and retrofitting spaces to meet the needs of our clients for quiet, private, and comfortable spaces facilitating clear communication and excellent sonic signature is our primary objective.

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Engineering is part of a full range of interconnected services that work to improve the built environment for your tenants. To learn more, click on a specific service on the right for more information. Or click on the button below for an overview of all of our service offerings.

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Testimonial Quotes
Communicate somewhat complex concepts in understandable ways.

Very helpful bringing clarity to what the important issues are when evaluating pro’s and con’s of different mechanical systems and their ability to achieve reliably high levels of indoor air quality. Patience with owners and architects that sometimes take a little bit of time and repeated explanations to grasp a new idea.

Project Executive | Award-Winning Architect Referencing 1.2 million sf Class A Office Tower

See What Happens When We Work Together

Creativity, insight, partnership. Better spaces to work, to live, and to plan for the future. See how our various Engineering Services come together in these projects.

Confidential Large Nationwide Technology Client
Services: Automation, MEP/FP Engineering
ESD Headquarters
Services: Eco+Energy, MEP/FP Engineering, Technology
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
Services: Eco+Energy, MEP/FP Engineering, Technology
151 North Franklin Street
Services: Cybersecurity, Eco+Energy, MEP/FP Engineering, Technology

News and Events: Our Engineers in Action

The various facets of our Engineering Services are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

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After a worldwide pandemic-induced hiatus, three teams from different groups and specialties gathered to share innovative ideas on this year’s theme of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). (Learn more about Innovation Fest 2022.)

MEP Engineering Solutions.
Credit: © Tom Harris | Design by Gensler

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