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Workplace Interiors

Recent world events may be putting a new spotlight on how businesses view workplace environments — but that’s been our focus for years.

As technology enables new workplace strategies such as free addressing, hoteling, and working from anywhere, the concept of a common workplace and time is changing in many industries. ESD offers in-depth knowledge for companies, building owners, and building operators seeking to gain a competitive advantage where workplace influences their business performance. Great environments attract great tenants where a symbiotic relationship is established to help both owners and occupants to flourish.

Corporate Enterprise

Fortune 500 corporations, professional services firms, and start-up incubators seek to maximize the return from their investments allocated to their office space. We see the whole picture. We understand the views of tenants and work with building owners, operators, and architects to achieve great workplaces.

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We Understand Objectives of Building Professionals

As the workplace evolves, our team (with a breadth of services) works with corporate real estate executives and procurement professionals to develop fit-for-purpose and flexible solutions to foster collaboration, productivity, and innovation and provide health and wellness for some of the most recognized companies and organizations throughout the world.

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We Foster Workplace Optimization and Scalability

Whether your project is one building or 100, our teams work to ensure optimized solutions are transferable to an expanding portfolio now or in the future. Lessons learned are applied to an entire portfolio of properties assuring a uniform execution of corporate standards and efficiencies.

We Help Address Social and Environmental Goals

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards have evolved beyond the aspirational to the required for businesses looking to attract and retain both customers and employees. Our team of experts work as partners to help you better achieve these socially responsible goals for a better workplace and a better world.

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High-Tech/Critical Environment

High-frequency trading, high-density customer service call center operations, emergency operations centers, logistics operations centers, and broadcast spaces are examples of workplaces requiring a greater emphasis on the integration of infrastructure systems within their space. The activities taking place are of a critical nature and the infrastructure is often integrated into furniture for productivity and flexibility.

Our high-tech workplace team understands the technology and infrastructure integration and interdependencies required for driving high-tech company scalability while providing resiliency, reliability, and flexibility for their office space.

Building Bridges

For every great workplace experience there is a great building owner/operator. Providing tenants with the fitness centers, inviting lobbies, skydecks, security systems, improved indoor air quality (IAQ), and other amenities can be a complex process. An improvement for one business could create a problem for another.

Our team of designers and engineers understand how various building systems interact. We help bridge the gap between occupant desires and building owner realities.

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Testimonial Quotes
(ESD’S Project Manager) was very responsive and on top of it.

It was nice that he took our space plans and pointed out the potential problem areas before starting CD’s. Made things easier for us and he worked with us to problem solve which was very appreciated.

Architect | Spec Suite/Large Metropolitan Office Building

See What Happens When We Work Together

Creativity, insight, partnership. Better spaces to work, to live, and to plan for the future. See how our various Workplace solutions come together in these projects.

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Husch Blackwell
Services: MEP/FP Engineering, Technology

News and Events: Our Engineers in Action

The various facets of workplace are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

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