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About ESD

Designing Safer, Healthier, Sustainable Spaces for Today
 With an Eye Toward Tomorrow

Designing Infrastructure To Improve the Lives of People

We believe buildings should be designed with people in mind. When projects are created with the environment in mind, all lives are better. When plans become future-proof, tomorrow is a better place. At ESD, we believe that expertise and empathy can improve the built environment, and we work to do so for our clients. This is built on three pillars:


Recognize your goals. Understand your budget. Figure out the best path forward that redefines what is real.


We have a plan. We have a goal. What’s the smartest and most efficient way to get there? We’ll design it.

Credit: © Tom Harris | Design by Gensler


Our team of engineers and experts works with you to realize the dreams we’ve defined together

We Improve Society Through the Built Environment

We create design solutions that not only meet our client/partner’s needs and expectations but provide a safe environment to communicate, inspire, create, innovate, and evolve. To do this we champion inclusion and collaboration both in-house and with our clients.

We are committed to the environment and approach all of our work with sustainability as a fundamental construct. We strive to develop fit-for-purpose approaches that responsibly consume the earth’s resources both initially and over time.

Above all, the value we place on the health and safety of our employees and our clients through our design is paramount in our philosophic approach.

Credit: © Tom Harris | Design by Gensler

See Around the Corner

Buildings are complex. Changes in technology, regulations, and the social and literal environment mean that today’s genius is outdated tomorrow. That’s why our culture doesn’t look to only solve today’s problems…it looks to prevent tomorrow’s.

How do we do this? By combining experience with vision.

  • Ask the thousand little questions that generate the big answers
  • Employ experience-grounded innovations to find evidence-based solutions
  • Know that what we’ve done before isn’t always the answer
  • Don’t just rely on subject-matter expertise. Build empathy into every part of the project
  • Adapt. Imagine. Change.

Seeing what’s around the corner requires the confidence to be curious. We can’t wait to discover how to solve your problems.

Testimonial Quotes
Respect everyone. Work hard. Play to win.

A simple philosophy that underpins everything we do.

Raj Gupta | Executive Chairman, ESD

Our Leadership

Our leadership team looks to set the tone for a company that works for each other and works for you.

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Our History

In 1967, Hem Gupta founded Environmental Systems Design, Inc. The word environment was deliberately incorporated in the name of his young and energetic company because the built environment touches everyone and impacts all places. Our environment is and surrounds where we live, play, heal, and work.

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Life at ESD

We work hard. We are active in improving our communities. We engage in the needs of our clients. We care about the future of our planet. We believe in work-life balance. We enjoy solving problems.

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Testimonial Quotes
Grow your team so we could give you more projects.


Project Manager | International e-Commerce Company

See What Happens When We Work Together.

Creativity, insight, partnership. Better spaces to work, to live, and to plan for the future. See how our various Services come together in these projects.

Confidential Large Nationwide Technology Client
Services: Automation, MEP/FP Engineering
ESD Headquarters
Services: Eco+Energy, MEP/FP Engineering, Technology
10-30 South Wacker Drive Lobby Repositioning and Expansion
Services: Eco+Energy, MEP/FP Engineering
Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital
Services: Eco+Energy, MEP/FP Engineering

News and Events: Our People in Action

The various facets of our Engineering Services are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

Lehrer Shares Creative Side to Engineering

Designing for today’s built environment requires imagination, unconventional thinking, and the ability to solve engineering problems in new ways. (Listen to the podcast.)

ESD Tour Showcases Working Office Experiment

Attendees of the recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference on Architecture had a chance to view office technology in action at ESD’s Chicago headquarters. (Learn more about ESD’s Living Lab.)

Lardenoit to Join Panel on Women in Construction

After being postponed earlier this year, sessions have been announced and registration is open again Chicago Build 2022. (Learn more about Chicago Build 2022.)

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