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Hyperscale Solutions

National leaders in the next generation of mission critical buildings.

Designing The Data Centers That Help Drive Our Economy

Hyperscale data centers are owned and operated by the companies they support. ESD has the experience to design robust systems with scalable applications that help these organizations serve both individuals and businesses. As the foundation of cloud processing, hyperscale, by definition is not about size—it is about being able to scale appropriately for future needs. ESD understands what is coming and can help you prepare for tomorrow today.

We Have a History of Offering Clients Hyperscale Solutions

Our solutions resulted in savings of up to 50% on costs through better  designs, smarter maintenance, and improved ongoing reliability

We’re proud to provide forward-thinking consulting engineering and technology design services for:

Hyperscale Data Center Campuses

Data Center Modules

Infrastructure Upgrades

Over the last three years, ESD Mission Critical Facilities Group has designed over 2GW of hyperscale work nationwide.

Our Hyperscale Services

ESD is the thought leader concerning “business for infrastructure,” catering to three of the top five cloud providers. In addition to the services listed to the right, we offer Data Center Mergers and Acquisition (M&A), Site Selection and Economic Development, Technology Migration, Total Cost of Ownership, and Data Center Development.


ESD engineering consist of five studios, dedicated to the hyperscale industry. Engineering consists of mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), fire protection, fire alarm. These studios work together to provide holistic solutions to mechanical and technical problems.


Sustainable data centers not only benefit the earth, but they can also save you money. ESD’s sustainability engineers can help your data center achieve LEED, Energy Star, or other sustainability certifications so you can potentially apply for incentives that exempt you from paying sales taxes on the equipment in your facilities for up to 20 years.


Budget for tomorrow’s challenges. ESD’s automation group consists of fifteen professionals dedicated to electrical and mechanical automation. Services for hyperscale clients include Master Planning, Assessment, System Redesign, Compliancy, and Building Intelligence.


ESD’s mission critical commissioning (Cx) team has provided Cx services over fifteen years within the data center industry. Consisting of a division of over twenty-five Cx professionals, hyperscale commissioning includes electrical/mechanical systems, fire protection systems, plumbing, automation, building envelope, and technology.


Your hyperscale facility requires an enormous design effort. Rack layouts, cable distribution, and network design are all elements typically found within our hyperscale clients. Complementing our hyperscale services are experts in security, network design, audio video, and Intelligent Building design.

Super Cool Stuff: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Within all hyperscale projects, ESD recommends CFD modeling within both the interior and exterior of data centers. In many campus settings, CFD modeling detects wind models that can affect the operation of the equipment.

Other Mission Critical Facility Design Capabilities

Enabling more capacity, more flexibility.

Helping larger companies scale up
to meet their unique needs

Capacity planning to anticipate future high speed and complex calculation needs

News and Events: A Prism of Possibilities

The markets we serve are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

Eshedagho Joins Conference Panel on Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality Goals

The Advancing Data Center Construction 2023 conference is underway this week in Kansas City, Missouri, focusing on the issues and challenges facing that industry. This includes the environmental impact of data centers as the demand for cloud storage and connectivity continues to grow. (Learn more about data center sustainability.)

What is the Future of Renewable Energy in Powering Data Centers?

The pressure on data centers to deliver reliable performance while also being cost-effective and environmentally friendly is growing at a seemingly exponential rate. (Learn more about the sustainable data centers.)

Olejniczak Recognized for Engineering Excellence

Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) announces the 2023 class of its 40 Under 40 winners, including ESD Senior Project Engineer Ben Olejniczak. (Learn more about CSE 40 Under 40 winners.)

Be the Future of Hyperscale

The economy relies on your hyperscale data delivery. You can rely on us. Let’s work together to make tomorrow’s world faster, safer, and more sustainable.

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The future is coming fast, and it demands zero downtime. Work with us to create hyperscale facilities that are prepared for the possibilities tomorrow brings.

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