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Did you get what you paid for? Our team of Commissioning experts is a one-stop resource for evaluating, validating, and ensuring building systems are designed, installed, and tested to perform in accordance with design intent and owner operational needs.

What Can Our Accredited, Knowledgeable, and Professional Commissioning Engineers Do for You?

Building System Inspection and Validation


We can help you extend the operating life of systems and equipment with our careful third-party inspection and validation process.

Energy and Operational Efficiencies


Our Commissioning team help you improve energy and operational efficiencies by identifying opportunities.

Project Budget


The detailed step-by-step process we follow helps avoid surprises and keeps costs in focus.

Project Schedule


Failing to catch potential problems early can lead to costly time delays later.

Data Centers

Commissioning consulting for data centers (and other types of mission critical facilities) allows you to ensure that your space adheres to the redundancy, reliability, and maintainability standards vital to your operations. Our Commissioning team confirms and verifies through a series of documentation and testing strategies that the building operates as designed.

Mission Critical Commissioning
Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital.

Health and Science

The uniquely challenging requirements for midpoint uptime and system performance are deftly provided by our health and science Commissioning professionals. The modified process they follow also applies to lab and pharmaceutical facilities to maintain production safe conditions throughout the commissioning timeline.

Large-Scale Developments

Our commissioning consultants verify the vision and requirements of the owner and stakeholders. In short, our team makes sure everything was built as designed. This ensures a reduction in consumption, costs, and callbacks. Improve occupant productivity, maintain documentation, and perform in accordance with your highest standards.

Our Other Commissioning Consulting Services

Modern buildings are incredibly complex. No one group can know everything. Our comprehensive team of Commissioning consultants offer you the security and protection you need for every system.

Short Circuit Study Verification

Pumping the Breakers

Our team provides short circuit study verification. By providing documentation of circuit breaker and relay settings, we can help ensure critical equipment is programmed and set appropriately to handle unexpected electrical events properly in the future

Functional Performance Test

Testing Administrators

Our team can confirm your building operates as designed with functional performance test and integrated systems test administration. This economical service complements your internal review abilities when additional oversight is needed.

Boots on the Ground

Playing the Field

Our team provides around the clock in the field after equipment begins to arrive on site to ensure that the various commissioning process activities are completed as required within the given time frame.

EED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning

Leading on LEED

Our team is proud to offer both fundamental and enhanced commissioning. That means the ability to guide you through building certifications like LEED. Such validations are crucial for saving money, attracting tenants, and maintaining resident satisfaction.

Other Services

Commissioning is part of a full range of interconnected services that work to improve the built environment for your tenants. To learn more, click on a specific service on the right for more information. Or click on the button below for an overview of all of our service offerings.

Overview of All Services

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The Cx team was very professional and easy to work with.

All members of your team promptly addressed questions from myself and/or the controls vendor.

Project Manager | Leading National Financial Company

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