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Your smart building is only as intelligent as the information it is able to share. If your various automated systems only talk to themselves, your company can be missing out on possible cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Our Automation team provides future-proof strategies that enable your building’s technologies to integrate seamlessly and expand as your business grows. They provide solutions that go beyond your immediate needs and improve how your building functions– intelligently.

Master Planning

Our Automation team experts create a phased roadmap to your organization’s goal– from what is plausible to what is practical– for the smart systems within your portfolio. The resulting master plan is a dynamic document that guides the automation technology to be used for one or a portfolio of your organization’s facilities. The goal is to understand needs and develop the best solutions to achieving a shared vision among key stakeholders.

BAS Master Planning

Other Factors in Automation Planning and Implementation

Existing Systems Assessment


We conduct a comprehensive inventory of equipment and systems across facilities to determine the scope of opportunities for improvement.

The result is an understanding of the existing system, what stage of life it is in, what are logical next steps, options for moving forward, and what is the return on investment (ROI).

Vendor Agnostic Design

Vendor Agnostic Design

As an unbiased partner, our goal is to determine the best solution to meet automation needs without any allegiance to a particular brand of equipment or software.

Every client is unique, and every design is tailored to the individual client and market.

System Redesign

System Redesign

Following a thorough inventory and assessment, we have the experience and expertise to redesign systems through retrofit, renovation, or replacement.

Likely the most challenging aspect to obtain competitive bids, our vast industry experience will help to compare “apples to apples.”

Regulatory Compliance


Keeping your automation equipment and software up-to-date is critical to keeping your company compliant with various regulatory requirements and guidelines.

We help make sure that happens.

What Makes Us Different?

Our dedicated Automation team consists of engineers, electricians, installers, programmers, technicians, and field engineers, all possessing backgrounds in both direct digital control (DDC) and programmable logic control (PLC) systems.

Other Services

Automation is part of a full range of interconnected services that work to improve the built environment for your tenants. To learn more, click on a specific service on the right for more information. Or click on the button below for an overview of all of our service offerings.

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See What Happens When We Work Together

Creativity, insight, partnership. Better spaces to work, to live, and to plan for the future. See how our various Automation services come together in these projects.

Confidential Large Nationwide Technology Client
Services: Automation, MEP/FP Engineering
Confidential Large Technology Client
Services: Automation, MEP/FP Engineering

News and Events: Automation Engagement

The many facets of our Automation services are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

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Making the Complex Easy

Building systems and equipment are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected. It’s easy to lose sight of how to best leverage the potential for improved efficiencies they offer. We can help you bring the big picture into focus.

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