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Too cold? Too warm? No internet connectivity? Not sure if there is enough power for your equipment? These are some of the issues our team of experts addresses through professional consulting engineering services.

Whether developing infrastructure for a new building, systems upgrades for an existing building, or overall integration of engineering systems, ESD can be a single resource for clients seeking optimal building system functionality.


Professional consulting engineering creates healthier and more productive environments and facilities that are more cost effective, flexible, reliable, and sustainable. Our professionals have expertise with local and international building codes which allows us to facilitate effective and efficient systems design.

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Engineering, ESD headquarters in Willis Tower, Chicago, Illinois.
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Building Automation Systems


We provide strategies that enable your building’s technologies to integrate seamlessly and expand as your business grows. Our team of experts provide solutions that go beyond your immediate needs and improve how your building functions intelligently.

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Technology services enable companies to be energy efficient while maximizing inter connectivity and productivity. Companies are most productive when communication flows seamlessly. ESD’s integrated technological services elevate collaboration and encourage progress through high-performing and complex infrastructures that include voice technologies, digital interactivity, and audio visual systems.

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Technology in the Workplace
Sustainability and Decarbonization


The planet, people, and profit — the three p’s of modern business planning. This approach directly addresses your responsibility to the environment, the community, the people living and working in your buildings, and your budget. Each structure should be created to satisfy these overlapping concerns. We have accredited experts to help you validate the quality of your building and your commitments.

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A single source for evaluating, validating, and ensuring building systems are designed, installed, and tested to perform in accordance with design intent and owner operational needs. ESD’s commissioning (Cx) consultants are accredited, knowledgeable professionals and work with you to:

  • Extend Operating Life
  • Offer Energy and Operational Efficiencies
  • Stay on Budget
  • Stay on Schedule

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Commissioning Engineering
Testimonial Quotes
Excellent communication, including rapidity of response time, attention to the client’s manifest and latent needs, and general professional demeanor make ESD the paragon of professional service providers.
Project Executive | International Real Estate Services Company

See What Happens When We Work Together

Creativity, insight, partnership. Better spaces to work, to live, and to plan for the future. See how our various services come together in these projects.

ESD Headquarters
Services: Eco+Energy, Engineering, Technology
Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall
Services: Automation, Commissioning, Eco+Energy, Engineering, Technology
Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital
Services: Eco+Energy, Engineering
Confidential Large Nationwide Technology Client
Services: Automation, Engineering

News and Events: A Prism of Possibilities

The various facets of our Services are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

How Single Pair Ethernet Can Simplify Your Data Network

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is exactly what it sounds like, an Ethernet cable that has one twisted pair of copper conductors rather than the usual four. (Read More)

Panelist of Peers Address DEI

ASHRAE members discuss cultural, racial, and language barriers still appearing in the workplace and the steps that can be taken to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). (Read More)

Leadership in Building Health and Safety Recognized

ESD’s Willis Tower headquarters has successfully recertified its WELL Health-Safety Rating for another year. (Read More)

HVAC Systems
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The Experience To Confirm Possibilities

Systems need to work at maximum efficiency to make a sustainable future possible. If that is your company’s goal, we have the experience to help you validate your efforts are on target.

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