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Colocation Solutions

For more than a decade, our mission critical experts have catered to the owners and operators of multi-tenant data centers (MTDC), whether they have been referred to as wholesale providers, colocation (colo) providers, or a hybrid. Whatever the name, we help owners and operators and tenants connect.

Total Cost of Ownership

As an industry leader, our team has partnered with owners and operators on total cost of ownership (TCO) studies to cage deployments and campuses well over 100MW. As some MTDC owners and operators expand to cater to hyperscale clients, we’ve developed a proprietary colocation basis of design, illustrating how to increase scalability and capacity to support hyperscale tenants through volume.

Helping Multi-Tenant Data Center Owners Take the Lead

Each owner and operator of MTDCs has refined its competitive strategy to attract and retain enterprise tenants who are becoming more sophisticated in their requirements and more demanding in their expectations. Our team is engaged in the MTDC eco-system of owners and operators, corporate clients, brokers, investors and municipalities seeking development. Partnerships with several of the key MTDC owners and operators have evolved through developing an understanding of their key business drivers and optimizing design to support and enhance their value proposition.

Top Colocation Companies Compete

On network, geography, connectivity, scale, latency, services, uptime and more. Colocation data centers offer tenants the flexibility of scalability, redundancy and managed services as needed. Our team of experts are among the leaders providing total cost of ownership and data migration expertise, MEP engineering, automation controls systems, technology infrastructure, energy efficiency/sustainability, and commissioning required for the design of MTDCs.

Other Mission Critical Facility Design Capabilities

Building the data center campuses of tomorrow

Helping larger companies scale up to meet their unique needs

Capacity planning to anticipate future high speed and complex calculation needs

News and Events: A Prism of Possibilities

The markets we serve are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

Data Center Designers Advised to Keep It Cool

ESD data center designers co-author a review of ASHRAE guidelines and standards they say can serve as a roadmap to planning air distribution systems for modern data centers. (Learn more about data center air distribution.)

Schlattman Reviews Changing Criteria for Data Center Sites

Changes to colocation and hyperscale data center communities are dramatically changing requirements for site selection, and it is up to the engineering professional to keep on top of the latest trends. (Read more about data center site selection.)

Olejniczak Looks at Future of Data Center Design

Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) magazine recently convened a panel of industry experts to discuss current trends pushing the engineered systems of data centers in different directions. (Read more about the future of data centers.)

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