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Looking to maximize your inter-connectivity and productivity while improving energy efficiency? That’s what our Technology team is all about. Companies are most productive when communication flows seamlessly. Our integrated technological services work together offering high-performing and complex infrastructures that include voice technologies, digital interactivity, and audio-visual systems.

From major financial institutions and high-frequency trading floors to corporate and medical campuses, we develop custom solutions that are strategic, tested, flexible, and cutting-edge. What sets us apart? Our unique ability to offer a broad range of services as a single source for technology engineering consulting– all integrated into our core engineering services.

Digital Connectivity Certification

WiredScore Accredited Professionals

Digital connectivity is essential to modern working life. WiredScore certification ensures that your development is technologically forward-thinking and ready to attract the next generation of business tenants.

Our WiredScore Accredited Professionals (APs) are experts in the certification process. Let’s work together to future-proof your assets, drive rental value, and attract and retain tenants.

SmartScore Accredited Professionals

SmartScore certification provides clarity on what constitutes a smart building from a functionality perspective and guidance on how to implement one from a technological stand-point.

Our SmartScore Accredited Professionals (APs) will navigate the certification process for you, ensuring your smart building delivers an exceptional user experience, drives cost efficiency, meets high standards of sustainability, and is fully future-proof.

Intelligent Building and Connected Workplace

A truly intelligent building is informative, predictive, responsive, adaptive, diagnostic, corrective, and self-healing. Rapidly advancing building systems, sensor technologies, the Internet of Things, data availability, and cloud computing and analytics — along with mobile communications — have created countless possibilities in the field.

Our approach is to bring consultants, designers, project managers and integration specialists to provide a one-stop, team-based solution to your Intelligent Building challenge.


When hackers take control of your company’s information, the damage can be costly not only to your bottom-line but to your reputation and public trust as well. Keeping sensitive client, employee, and other information safe from malicious cyberattacks takes a dedicated defense plan, constant monitoring, and the latest best-practices and knowledge of how to protect yourself. Our Cybersecurity team members are experts at helping organizations guard against ransomware and other malicious attacks by offering:

  • Cybersecurity Assessments
  • Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Cybersecurity Audits

Information and Communication Technology

What many see as a jumbled mass of wires our design engineers see as an opportunity to bring improved efficiency and maximized functionality to infrastructure systems. By using Building Information Modeling (BIM), our team identify and map the best solution to suit your project. Installed overhead or underfloor, the most appropriate type of cable routing and protection systems are designed to direct and manage network and power cabling as well as provide for cooling air flow when needed.

Our experienced engineers provide systematic and innovative server room planning and layout design for clients who must count on reliable information technology (IT) systems as vital components to the success of their business. As technology advances at lightning speed, servers must be equipped with the most efficient and powerful systems.

Security Design

Physical Security

As an unbiased partner, our team is free to offer an objective assessment and cost-effective solution to your building security needs. That could be expert advice on building systems, disaster, emergency evacuation, personal protection, protective measures, threat, and vulnerability/risk, and more. We also develop systems for multiple locations that need synchronized connectivity and can be monitored from a single location.

Once the security plan is developed, our team can also oversee its implementation on a set schedule, including witnessing detailed systems tests, verifying all functional requirements are achieved, and making certain that there is expert training for all staff. We work as a single source to provide depth of service from project design to project delivery.

Audio Visual

As the world enters a new era of information sharing and interconnectivity, audio-visual systems are advancing faster than ever to create more engaging and connected experiences. Our Technology Consulting team is constantly reviewing and assessing emerging technologies as well as the latest audio visual and multimedia systems.

From meeting rooms to auditoriums, conference centers to trading floors– and just about everything in-between– our experience is broad. We provide you with options– and their costs– until you have the optimal audio visual system to meet your needs and your budget. As an independent consultant, we are not limited by specific product offerings. We work with all the major manufacturers to provide you a truly objective system design that’s cost effective. Our consultants also provide operational training oversight.

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Wireless and Wired Network

Need to put in a new communication network but can’t quite picture it? Let our team of design experts create a 3D model of your building using the latest professional wireless site survey software. It creates a predictive site survey of the space based on floor plans, construction material, and actual dimensions.

Our team reviews the full design of the wireless network to ensure all technical and functional requirements are being met. Our consultants assist during the implementation of the design by collecting bids from system integrators, and we commission the new system after configuration. Our review includes a walkthrough of the entire space to measure that the actual performance operates at the designed performance.

In-Building Wireless

We live in a world of instant communication and access to information. Reliable in-building wireless makes your facility safer, more secure, and productive. Tenants, employees, customers, and virtually anybody else entering your building expect access to their smartphones and other cellular-connected devices.

Our Technology team can design a network of antennas, cables, and amplifiers to provide cellular coverage to virtually every corner of a building. In many areas, this type of service is not only expected– it’s the law. More and more jurisdictions across the country are also requiring Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERRCS). Dropped calls and dead spots in a building are not an option. Our Technology team has the in-depth experience and knowledge to design a high-quality installation of these public safety communication systems that are code compliant.

Healthcare Technology

Our approach to the complex healthcare technology landscape is– in a word– holistic. We offer a unique understanding and perspective of the combination of technology and clinical/non-clinical healthcare environments which helps our team provide the bridge between technology, safety/security, and acuity. Our approach is aimed at improving the staff experience, patient satisfaction, and facility efficiency. Services include:

  • HIPAA/HITECH risk assessments
  • HCAHPs technology impact analysis
  • Technology workflow analysis and evaluations
  • Systems integration/interoperability analysis
  • Healthcare systems design, including:
  • RFP creation, bid review, analysis, and recommendation

Information Technology Migration Planning and Management

Change can be hard. Our Migration Planning and Migration Management services can make it easier. Our experts help guide businesses to seamlessly transition their technology systems from one environment to another.

Our goal is to help management teams in understanding the steps, resources required, and associated costs so that they can maintain business continuity during the relocation process.

Migration Planning

The key to migration planning is to ensure that all technology systems and their impacts on the migration are identified. These systems include:

  • Connectivity to the Internet and Voice Circuits
  • Network Systems and Equipment
  • Wireless Systems and Equipment
  • Server and Storage Equipment
  • Voice Equipment
  • End User Equipment (desktops / laptops / printers)
  • Specialty Systems and Equipment
Migration Management

Our Migration Management services reduce the anxiety of a move by allowing our clients to focus on their business operations and specific migration tasks while our consultants manage the execution of the migration schedule. We hold weekly meetings with the IT team to make sure tasks are on track and communicate needs to the construction team.

Where the planning phase encompasses a basic checklist of tasks, the management component breaks down each task and determines efficiencies and in-depth procedures to follow. Our consultants also work to keep the technology systems scope and budgets in-line with the initial estimates.

Commissioning of Technology Systems

Specialized technology systems require specialized attention from technology engineers. Our team of experts can design and execute the systematic testing of audio visual, wired and wireless networks, security, internet of things, in-building wireless, and other technical systems to determine their functionality, performance, and reliability. Technology commissioning can help you reduce equipment costs over a system’s lifetime while also reducing energy consumption for system components.

Other Services

Technology is part of a full range of interconnected services that work to improve the built environment for your tenants. To learn more, click on a specific service on the right for more information. Or click on the button below for an overview of all of our service offerings.

Overview of All Services

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