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From high rise buildings to sprawling data center campuses, our teams service a variety of market verticals with stakeholders benefitting from the technical and specialized services we offer.

Companies and organizations within these markets regard resiliency, reliability, sustainability, performance, productivity, flexibility, and efficiency as important to their bottom line. Our team offers the technical credibility and practical knowledge to translate client needs into solutions that support their mission.

Data Centers

Tomorrow’s mission critical facilities offer unprecedented potential with better performance and greater bandwidth. They also face a new world of threats and vulnerabilities. We have the experience and the expertise to make sure data centers operate at the top of their capabilities in a protected environment.

Our Depth of Experience in Data Centers

Credit: © Tom Harris | Design Partners by Design

Workplace Interiors

Better workspaces mean healthier environments and more flexible, creative, and productive spaces that deliver tenant satisfaction. We don’t just design these — we live them by incorporating core concepts into our own office environments.

How We Improve Workplace Environments

Real Estate Asset Repositioning

Repositioning existing facilities can often lead to big dividends for building owners and operators. We know how to maximize building systems and layouts to help add value, attract and retain premier tenants, and improve overall functionality by enhancing operations and maintenance procedures that can lead to lower costs.

Our vision can take your property to a whole new level.

Our Approach to Repositioning

Real Estate Asset Repositioning
Credit: ©Kendall McCaugherty @ Hall+Merrick
High Rise Buildings
Credit: ©Nick Ulivieri Photography

High Rise Buildings

We help developers differentiate their buildings through our integrated/optimized solutions including health and wellness, sustainability, efficient MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), and intelligent building design. By identifying and implementing key features and systems to tall urban structures, we make it easier to attract anchor tenants.

How We Take High Rise to the Next Level

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Leveraging biosafety level (BSL) experience to design appropriate safeguards and functionality is paramount in all our healthcare and life sciences projects. We also have the skill and vision to reimagine and reconfigure existing spaces for speed-to-market repurposing. As the business model for large health systems continues to evolve, we are ready to find new healthcare uses and opportunities for existing buildings.

How We Enable Advances in Health and Science

Credit: © Dave Burk

Hospitality and Convention Centers

The heart of any thriving tourism industry is a strong hospitality and convention center infrastructure. ESD helps facility owners drive economic development by expanding and refreshing convention centers and hotels to help them remain competitive in attracting major events. We also provide solutions to enable the quick transformation (logistics) of convention space for different uses and requirements.

We Help Bring These Visions to Life

Testimonial Quotes
Excellent communication, including rapidity of response time, attention to the client’s manifest and latent needs, and general professional demeanor make ESD the paragon of professional service providers.
Project Executive | International Real Estate Services Company

See What Happens When We Work Together.

Creativity, insight, partnership. Better spaces to work, to live, and to plan for the future. See how various markets are served in these projects.

Confidential Large Nationwide Technology Client
Services: Automation, MEP/FP Engineering
Willis Tower Podium Repositioning
Services: MEP/FP Engineering
Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital
Services: Eco+Energy, MEP/FP Engineering
320 South Canal Street
Services: MEP/FP Engineering, Technology

News and Events: A Prism of Possibilities

The various facets of our Services are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

How Office Acoustics Impact Worker Performance

As building owners, operators, and developers adapt to a hybrid work model, creating a welcoming office space is more important than ever. In an article for Propmodo’s Perspectives series, ESD now Stantec Senior Acoustics Project Manager Scott Hamilton shares his views on the evolution of the open office and why acoustics play such a critical role to the health, comfort, and productivity of returning workers. (Learn more about open office design.)

Doyle Article Explores Meeting Room Technology for a Hybrid Workforce

The evolution of the modern office needs to accommodate team members meeting in person and online. ESD now Stantec Senior Audio Visual Consultant John Doyle offers an overview of the best technology to consider. (Learn more about the meeting room technology.)

Hamilton Interview on Acoustics and Open Office Design

In a recent Q&A session with CommercialSearch, ESD now Stantec Senior Acoustics Project Manager Scott Hamilton shares his views on the evolution of the open office and why acoustics plays such a critical role. (Learn more about open office design.)

Credit: © Tom Harris | Design by Gensler

The Experience to Confirm Possibilities

Systems need to work at maximum efficiency to make a sustainable future possible. If that is your company’s goal, we have the experience to help you validate your efforts are on target.

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