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High Performance Computing

The ability to perform complex calculations and process data at blistering speeds is at the heart of high performance computing (HPC). Designing systems able to support the demands of these operations is at the heart of our expertise.

Do Computers Dream?

Perhaps not yet– but the users of high performance computers do. HPC allows the crunching of data that fuels world-changing innovations that improve our quality of life and serves as the foundation for countless industrial and scientific breakthroughs.

To keep on the cutting-edge, pioneering visionaries need a highly reliable infrastructure to support the processing, storage, and analysis of huge amounts of data. That means designing reliable power supplies and cooling systems.

High Performing Industries

The need for high performance computing has grown beyond supercomputer applications. While science remains an important player, HPC solutions are now required by a variety of industries including financial services tracking real-time stock trends and automated trading, entertainment professionals developing feature films with incredible special effects, and the medical community researching cures and making more accurate patient diagnosis.

We Understand Complexity

Designing high performance computing requires a high performing team. Our engineers understand the attention to detail necessary to design interrelated systems. More computers exchanging data means greater power demands and cooling needs. Proximity to equipment can also be a key driver to cost effective operations. We understand how different HPC elements impact one another enabling us to find the best solutions.

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News and Events: A Prism of Possibilities

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