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Hospitality and Convention Centers

“If you build it, they will come.” This misquoted movie line is often the impetus behind many public/private tourist industry initiatives, but building a venue is only part of the formula for a successful venture.

Our designers, engineers, and other visionaries have the experience to look past today and see the potential for tomorrow.

Unconventional Vision

Designing, upgrading, or expanding the systems associated with today’s convention centers is the Olympiad of engineering and planning. Creating an adaptable space that can be changed overnight to suit different vendor requirements is the ultimate “fit for purpose” design challenge.

Our teams understand the complexities involved in providing a space flexible enough to host an auto show one week and a Comicon the next– all the while keeping it safe. We also have the foresight to identify possibilities for expansion in the future and to plan accordingly.

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The Experience to Improve Experiences

The world’s best hotels are at the forefront of integrating technology with engineered systems to maximize the guest experience while improving maintenance and operational efficiencies and creating a competitive edge for the hotel. They also serve as a base for enjoying everything else a destination city has to offer.

Convention centers, conference centers, theatres, museums, spiritual centers, and recreational facilities are places where the latest innovations are presented, history is preserved, and where we can unwind. Dynamically linking facilities with other opportunities helps all to thrive.

Community Anchors

Hospitality and Convention Centers are the foundation of communities throughout the world. These facilities are anchors of our communities where we rely on the integration of technology and engineered infrastructure systems to enhance the patron’s experience. The quality of air, reliability of power, efficiency of systems, and ease of operations and maintenance contribute to fulfilling the missions of these organizations.

ESD understands how decisions made before, during, and after design impact the long-term vitality and performance of these developments for the developers, operators, and their communities. Our team offers specialized knowledge supported through years of innovation to provide consulting engineering services focused on these purpose-built environments.

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Listened to Our Concerns and Responded with Creative and Appropriate Solutions.

“This project is very detail oriented, and we appreciate the very professional, timely, and enthusiastic responses.”

Architect | Women's Athletic Club of Chicago

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Creativity, insight, partnership. Better spaces to work, to live, and to plan for the future. See how our experience and expertise come together in these projects.

Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall
Services: Automation, Commissioning, Eco+Energy, MEP/FP Engineering, Technology
Steppenwolf Theater
Services: MEP/FP Engineering

News and Events: Our Engineers in Action

The various facets of Hospitality and Convention Centers are reflected in the thought leadership, instructional videos, podcasts, and other information offerings we post regularly. Check out the latest.

ESD Win Honors for Innovative Convention Center Project

ESD’s work on the Las Vegas Convention Center continues to win acclaim for its application of innovative design and effective use of energy—this time with an honorable mention for the 2023 ASHRAE Award for Engineering Excellence. (Learn more about ASHRAE Technology Awards.)

Patel Focuses on Commercial Real Estate and Decarbonization

In a recent article for Commercial Property Executive magazine, ESD Practice Leader for Commissioning and Energy+Eco Saagar Patel encourages building owners, operators, and developers to act now to curb greenhouse gas emissions. (Read more about CRE and Decarbonization.)

Building Electrification to Fight Climate Change

In a recent interview for FacilitiesNet magazine, ESD Practice Leader for High Performance Buildings Andrew Lehrer says decarbonizing buildings means more than just replacing old boilers with new heat pumps. (Learn more about building electrification.)

Credit: © Tom Harris | Design by Gensler

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