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COVID-19 Resource

Shedding Light on Post-Pandemic Offices: 8 Items to Consider Updating for Lighting Controls

Lighting fixtures and their associated controls play an integral part in commercial office interior design. An efficient lighting control design can help building owners save money, simplify operations, and improve the comfort and satisfaction of occupants.

Leadership in Building Health and Safety Recognized

ESD’s Willis Tower headquarters has successfully recertified its WELL Health-Safety Rating for another year. (Read More)

Avoiding Hot Water Issues

The January meeting of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Chicago Chapter will feature a presentation on scald prevention due to the industry’s shift away from low-temperature hot water distribution. (Read More)

Smarter Water for Smart Buildings

James Dipping argues it is time to move the monitoring of water safety and temperature out of the mechanical room and place it throughout the plumbing system. (Read More)

What is the Future Landscape for Corporate Boardrooms in a Post-Pandemic World?

Close your eyes and imagine the classic, traditional boardroom. What do you see? A long table surrounded by tall-backed leather chairs? A dimly lit space infused with the smell of history and tradition? (Read More)

Squillo to Discuss How New Office Configurations Impact the Spread of Pathogens

In a post-COVID-19 world, many companies are exploring different options to safely return to work. This includes the installation of panels and other physical barriers between desk spaces to stop the spread of pathogens. But how is the effectiveness of these mitigation strategies measured? (Read More)

Malhi Explains Distinction Between Indoor Health Measurements

Indoor air quality (IAQ) and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) may share similar acronyms, but their definitions set them apart in evaluating the health of your building. (Read More)

Why the Office Isn’t Dead: The New State of the Post-COVID Workplace

As pandemic lockdown restrictions ease, many workers have the option to return to the office. But after a year of remote work, many question the need. (Read More)

Why Focusing on Workplace Safety is Critical to Post-Pandemic Return

As more businesses begin to welcome workers back to the office, demonstrating a safe and healthy work environment is vital to earning trust and acceptance of the “new normal.” (Read More)