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Zelazny to Make the Case for BECx at ASHRAE Conference

When a fee for building envelope commissioning (BECx) is being reviewed by clients, oftentimes they scratch their heads, wondering: What exactly are the LEED v4 BECx requirements, why are they of value and can BECx be executed on a budget?

Tim Zelazny will answer those questions during his talk “Building Envelope Commissioning: The Value Proposition” at the ASHRAE 2019 Annual Conference in Kansas City on Tuesday, June 25. He will explain the value BECx provides in mitigating water and air penetration, reducing construction change orders and capturing warranties. Tim will also analyze the LEED BECx requirements to help audience members understand how to execute BECx on a budget, and he will recall successes, lessons learned, and common envelope failures from a data hall case study.