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Continued Demand Expected for Data Center Design and Construction

While 2020 saw many businesses struggle in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, others saw new opportunities for growth. (Read More)

Commitment Pays Off – ESD Stays Strong in Rankings

ESD stays strong in Building Design+Construction (BD+C) magazine’s rankings once more due to our commitment to our mission and a culture of innovation. (Read More)

Standardized Cx Process Can Provide Peace of Mind

The first step of process standardization is writing it all down; ESD can help. Over the past few years, we have seen many of our data center clients shift to more modular one-size-fits-all designs that can be rapidly and repeatedly deployed across all sites in their portfolios. (Read More)

Patel Explains Measurable Benefits of Monitoring-Based Commissioning

When a new building opens, it is in perfect shape. Yet as the years go on, systems age, and building performance starts degrading. 

Understanding Building and Systems Commissioning

Ensuring the functional needs and requirements set by owners and stakeholders are met, the commissioning process is much more than a final item to check off at the end of a project. (Read More)

Martig Offers Tips for Upgrading Exterior Lighting

Parking lots, walkways, and other outdoor areas can be made safer with upgrades. (Read More)

Revving Up Retro-Commissioning for Return to Office Planning

Is your organization ready to welcome back employees to a safe and efficient workplace? (Read More)

Three Steps to Ensure Tenant Interior Commissioning Projects Run Smoothly

Communication is a critical but often overlooked component of commissioning, a quality control process that ensures a project’s construction is meeting the owner’s project requirements.

Cx Lessons Learned Lead to Time Savings

Large data center projects have multiple, parallel commissioning processes occurring simultaneously, and pressures driven by the cost of delayed turnover tend to shorten timelines.