Any person involved with making real estate decisions faces a number of choices related to location, size, budget, operations, maintenance, and amenities. Trends prove technology and flexibility impact real estate decisions across all building types, making specialized knowledge about infrastructure systems more important. Our consulting services provide our clients with this specialized knowledge to be more competitive, productive, efficient, and flexible.

Representative consulting services based on our expertise in engineering, technology, energy+eco, and commissioning include:

Data Center Development Services

ESD’s Mission Critical Facilities Group offers a series of upfront studies to assist a developer with site selection, acquisition, business model, and financial analysis for large data centers. These studies are developed by a team of experts who focus on business aspects of acquisition, as well as marketing aspects to help fill our client’s buildings.

Total Cost of Ownership

Understanding the objectives at the C-Level is the first step to creating a total cost of ownership (TCO) report. Often, the executive level wants to know what it costs to build, own, and operate their real estate related to the overall value to their business. Other times, the objectives are to generate revenue from real estate and increase internal rate of return (IRR). Whatever the case, the TCO Consulting process integrates corporate objectives with site selection, technology, and cost into a single report that is clear, concise, and customized to our clients.

M&A Infrastructure

Within nearly every merger or acquisition filing with the SEC, the common phrase identified in the forward looking statement is “create operating efficiencies through consolidation of assets.” Real estate is perhaps one of the largest assets within a merger and acquisition. ESD has tailored M&A Consulting services to assist the combined entity in consolidating real estate and technology into one portfolio. Our team includes M&A specialists, technology migration planners, real estate consultants, and estimating / scheduling experts.

Technology Migration Services

IT migration can be a complicated process. ESD’s Migration Planning and Management Consulting services reduces the impact of a construction project on a client’s business when moving technology systems from one location to another. The planning phase provides an understanding of the risks and anticipated costs of the move and the management component breaks down the tasks involved and determines efficiencies and in-depth procedures required to meet the migration goals.

Building Repositioning

The value in repositioning a building comes from improving the net operating income (NOI) by lowering operating costs and increasing income. With new government incentives for infrastructure upgrades, building owners are seeing the benefits of repositioning their existing facilities rather than turning to new construction. Whether it’s completely repurposing the primary use of the building or finding opportunities through sustainable modernizations, ESD can uncover the potential in a building.