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Health Science & Education

Dipping to Offer Expertise on Preventing Waterborne Infections, Healthcare Design Amid Pandemic

3rd Annual Watts Healthcare Symposium to tackle variety of topics.

How a Convention Center Was Transformed to Save Lives

Like other buildings, government buildings are not immune to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. On occasion, they need to be transformed from their original purpose.

Kos to Discuss Rush?s Pandemic-Ready Design on CTBUH Panel

The architecture, engineering and construction industry – commonly known as AEC – is having to adapt quickly to the pandemic, especially in the area of healthcare.

Hilk Offers Helpful Healthcare Commissioning Tips

Commissioning a healthcare space that has been retrofitted into what had been a non-healthcare space can be a challenge.

Speed, Collaboration and Grit Transform McCormick Place Convention Center into Healthcare Facility

Innovative building systems decisions made 25 years ago enable converting a convention center into a 3,000-Bed COVID-19 facility in less than 30 days.

How Can Healthcare Facilities Increase Patient Safety? Dipping Offers Eight Tips

Pandemic and Legionnaire’s Disease prompt examination of fixtures.

What?s Next for Healthcare Facilities? Ehret to Share Insights During Chicago Health Executives Forum Webinar

Healthcare design needs to be adaptable, scalable and equitable.

Wilson to Offer Insights on MBCx for New Facilities at NFMT

Understanding how to approach monitoring-based commissioning for newly constructed facilities is always an important topic.

Ehret to Share Insights on Healthcare Facilities

The millennial generation is driving the demand for hotel-like hospitals. How will this impact the way hospitals, outpatient facilities and urgent care clinics are designed? Where are the opportunities for the architecture, engineering and construction communities?