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Creative Approaches Helped ESD Overcome Project Challenges

There is nothing like the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab anywhere else in the world – and ESD was a major player in developing the new Chicago facility for those who are recovering from severed limbs, brain traumas and other debilitating injuries.

ESD needed creative approaches to overcome a number of challenges, including:

– We needed to design a system that offered power and data flexibility for unique items such as gait tracks, which monitor how far a patient walks and gauges his or her steadiness through wall sensors.
– We needed to figure out accessibility in a facility where if someone goes into a bathroom, he or she may not have hands to help get back out.
– We needed to get approval from the City of Chicago for the two-story ability labs, which exceeded square-footage codes.
– We needed to work around mechanical spaces that were often too small to fit equipment, such as air-handling units.

For patients who spend months at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, it’s a life-changing event. For ESD, it’s hard to find more meaningful work than contributing to the success of their rehabilitation.