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Obstacles Become Assets for Building Project

Construction on the Chicago River at 110 N. Wacker Drive creates a new architectural showpiece for the city.

When developers decided to transform the former building headquarters of the Morton Salt Company, they knew they would be facing unprecedented challenges. The cover story in this month’s Informed Infrastructure magazine, “Dream Team Turns Challenges into Assets at 110 N. Wacker Drive,” describes how a diverse set of industry leaders, including ESD, made the seemingly impossible possible.

Tyler Jensen describes in the article how, in addition to the original MEP design, ESD helped retrofit upgrades to the HVAC and building control systems to protect future tenants from COVID-19 and other health risks. The project faced many other design and logistics problems that were solved by an all-star team of professionals.

Reach out to Tyler to tap his experience as a mechanical engineer and project manager for high rise buildings.

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