Mission Critical Facilities

Resilience, reliability, flexibility, security, speed, and adaptability are business objectives for organizations where data is crucial to their operations, connection to their customers, and to remain competitive. Disaster planning and disaster recovery are two of many factors for driving off-site data storage and backup. Companies are developing data continuity strategies through the use of on-site or enterprise data centers and multiple colocation facilities to maintain 24/7/365 data access and functionality.

ESD offers a team of experts with analysis, technical, and consultative skills to develop solutions spanning total cost of ownership and pro forma development through design, construction, commissioning, and operations of mission critical facilities. Our clients span financial services and technology industries through governmental entities to colocation facility developers and operators.


Hyperscale data centers are the foundation of cloud processing – utilizing modern economies of scale through supply chain integration.  All parties involved support efficiency through standardization which is important to the corporations and developers investing to build and scale hyperscale data centers. ESD is among the leaders providing MEP engineering, automation controls systems, technology infrastructure, and commissioning required for the design of hyperscale data centers, catering to the needs of the industries’ top data center owners.

Understanding the objectives of the corporations and developers investing in the design and construction of hyperscale data centers enables our team to offer services aligned to their uniquely nuanced design and construction strategies.

Over the last three years, ESD’s Mission Critical Facilities Team has designed over 1.5GW of hyperscale data centers world-wide and is ranked #2 for data center design by BD+C magazine.

Multi-Tenant Data Center

Owners and operators of multi-tenant data centers (MTDC) lease space and services to multiple tenants. The top MTDC companies compete on network, geography, connectivity, scale, latency, services, uptime and more. The terms colocation (colo) and wholesale are often used to describe the data centers within this market. These data centers offer tenants the flexibility of scalability, redundancy and managed services as needed. ESD is among the leaders providing total cost of ownership (TCO) and data migration expertise, MEP engineering, automation controls systems, technology infrastructure, energy efficiency/sustainability and commissioning required for the design of MTDCs.

Each owner and operator of MTDCs has refined its competitive strategy to attract and retain enterprise tenants who are becoming more sophisticated in their requirements and more demanding in their expectations. ESD’s Mission Critical Facilities team is engaged in the MTDC eco-system of owners and operators, corporate clients, brokers, investors and municipalities seeking development. Partnerships with several of the key MTDC owners and operators have evolved through developing an understanding of their key business drivers and optimizing design to support and enhance their value proposition.

For more than a decade, ESD’s Mission Critical Facilities Team has catered to the owners and operators of MTDCs, whether they have been referred to as wholesale providers, colocation providers or a hybrid. As an industry leader, ESD’s team has partnered with these owners and operators on TCO studies to cage deployments and campuses well over 100MW. As some MTDC owners and operators expand to cater to hyperscale clients, ESD has developed a colo4hyperscale basis of design, illustrating how to increase scalability and capacity to support hyperscale tenants through volume.

Operation and Control Center

Airline, utility, logistics, healthcare and communications companies are among private-sector organizations that rely on their operations and control centers to continuously monitor what is happening across their critical operations, make quick decisions and efficiently communicate these decisions across their organization. Design for these operations and controls centers are a combination of high-density/high-tech workplace with advanced system redundancy and security. ESD offers expertise in high-density workplace design with redundant and resilient MEP infrastructure strategies. This expertise is offered with integrated in-house depth of knowledge and skills in advanced audio visual, security and network design, automation controls systems, energy efficiency/sustainability and commissioning required for the design of effective operations and controls centers.

Similar to military control and command centers, rooted in a centralized control and decentralized execution philosophy, each private-sector operations and controls center is unique to a company’s mission. Successful outcomes require a strategic partnership with the design and construction team to design and build a facility supporting an organization’s critical business operations with flexibility for every time it is needed most.