High Performance Buildings

Corporations, developers, governmental agencies, organizations, municipalities, and other stakeholders often look at the value of their real estate relative to its long-term impact on their organizations as well as surrounding communities. These buildings are designed and built to positively contribute to their communities over decades and often generations. They are catalysts for additional development while making a statement about the vitality of a region, city, or country. From a performing arts center or theatre to supertall or multi-phased mixed-use developments, high performance buildings are the foundation of communities throughout the world.

ESD understands how decisions made before, during, and after design impact the long-term vitality and performance of these developments for the developers, operators, and their communities. Our team offers specialized knowledge supported through years of innovation to provide consulting engineering services focused on these purpose-built environments.


Facilities and real estate strategies relative to corporate culture, stature, scalability, and flexibility are evolving. A single owned tower or campus fosters collaboration yet multiple facilities may provide greater productivity and specialized talent for specific business functions. Our corporate clients represent some of the world’s most recognized companies. They are our partners as they require analysis and fit-for-purpose consulting to be more productive, efficient, and ultimately, more competitive.

Energy Plants / Central Plants

Energy and central plants are the heat of medical districts, universities, and corporate campuses. Our consulting engineers offer deep knowledge and experience with master planning, analysis, designing, commissioning, and consulting for the design of new or optimizing of existing plants.


The world’s best hotels are at the forefront of integrating technology with engineered systems to maximize the guest experience while improving maintenance and operational efficiencies and creating a competitive edge for the hotel.

PositivEnergy Practice (PEP) Studio

PositivEnergy Practice (PEP) plans, designs, implements and manages energy-systems performance and decarbonization plans for corporations, universities, and other entities as well as infrastructure projects for cities, states and governments worldwide. We create efficient, environmentally sensitive and financially sound solutions for our clients.

Public Assembly

Theatres, museums, conference centers, convention centers, spiritual centers, and recreational facilities are places where history is preserved, the latest innovations are presented, and where we can unwind. These facilities are anchors of our communities where we rely on the integration of technology and engineered infrastructure systems to enhance the patron’s experience. The quality of air, reliability of power, efficiency of systems, and ease of operations and maintenance contribute to fulfilling the missions of these organizations.


Residential infrastructure systems designed using an integrated approach provide environments with seamless and adaptable control systems, electrical reliability, and amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and business centers. Our professionals have worked on high-rise multi-family, high density low-rise multi-family, assisted-living, senior-living, and student residence developments – each requiring specialty services such as progressive medical technologies, emergency management, and digital surveillance.


Shopping malls, chain-store retail developments, high-end boutiques, auto dealers, mixed-use developments, bank branches, and destination retail concepts are all developed to draw traffic and influence purchasing decisions. With internet retailing changing the way people purchase goods and services, there is a greater need to create a personal consumer experience in physical retail facilities. Flexibility, reliability, security, connectivity, comfort, and efficiency are important in the modern retailing environment.

Speculative Development

Build it, and they will come. Most speculative developments start with a great idea and support from governments and investors who see the potential to spark additional development. Supertalls, mixed-use buildings, cities, office towers, office campuses, and high-tech incubators are examples of speculative developments that foster such excitement. Our consulting engineers understand the risk as well as the long-term implications of these landscape-altering developments and provide knowledge and expertise for visioning and master planning through analysis and implementation.


There is a lot of revenue at stake in the world of sports. Therefore, their facilities require reliability and a fan-friendly atmosphere along with amenities to support their home team. Integration of technology with engineered systems improves this desired reliability, flexibility, and fan experience across professional and amateur level organizations throughout the world.


Transportation hubs – from airports and train stations to ports-of-entry – incorporate urban planning priorities, global and regional perspectives, cultural and architectural significance, and logistics into their design and development. These facilities require our focus on security, economy of space, and mass migration to create welcoming and safe spaces for people in motion.