In 1967, Hem Gupta founded Environmental Systems Design, Inc. The word environment was deliberately incorporated in the name of his young and energetic company because the built environment touches everyone and impacts all places. Our environment is and surrounds where we live, play, heal, and work.

Starting with our firm’s first client, the Chicago Board of Trade, innovation has permeated our culture as we continuously strive to improve the engineering and technology of the built environment through the trust of our clients.

Innovation has different meanings based on context of use. For ESD, innovation is defined by how it improves our client’s mission or society as a whole. We believe innovation is the result of process as much as it is about the integration of engineering and technology through a consultative manner. Throughout the years, ESD has developed innovative design solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce lifetime costs, make people more comfortable, improve productivity, increase system reliability, and improve air quality. Some examples include:

1968 the first high-rise in Chicago to incorporate high-voltage risers – reducing construction costs while providing electricity crucial to the business

1982 protecting a library’s rare book collection through humidity, lighting, and fire suppression design

1988 energy efficiency through one of the first direct digital control temperature control systems for a large-scale, mixed-use high-rise

1998 air quality, comfort, and system reliability for a large-scale hospital through full-building HEPA filtration, flexible thermal zone control, and a redundant on-site power plant

2000 energy efficiency and reliability for a business district through the first large-scale district cooling system

2002 comfort, productivity, and flexibility for a large-scale, Class A office building through air column design, underfloor air design, and a web-enabled building automation system

2007 energy efficiency and sustainability strategies leading to lower operating and maintenance costs and comfort of tenants in transitional housing

End users, architects, real estate services firms, and building owners have contributed to our success through the years by engaging in collaborative relationships to develope some of the world’s most exciting places. Whether a client’s needs are based on bringing an idea to fruition, upgrading a space’s infrastructure, or looking to repurpose an icon, these relationships have contributed to each client’s success.

As our firm matures, we dedicate our talent and time to improving society through the built environment and offer value to our clients and society as a whole by creating healthy and productive environments and designing facilities that are more cost effective, flexible, reliable, and sustainable.

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