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Women Talk About What’s NEW

Aliza Skolnik, Christy Weed and Sue Sun-Yuan discussed the best advice they ever received, shared tips for balancing professional obligations with their personal life and more during ESD’s Network Empowering Women (NEW) panel on March 14 to celebrate International Women’s Day.

More than two dozen ESD employees listened to the panelists in the company’s boardroom and asked questions on a range of topics.

Regarding a challenge she has faced in her career, Weed said, “Being a non-technical person in a highly technical industry. It’s a challenge I still face. I address it by asking a lot of questions.”

Network Empowering Women is an ESD program to foster mentoring and provide resources for professional and personal growth. The NEW program invites everyone to join and participate in development of ESD employees through lunch and learns, industry and topic-specific guest speakers and events.