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ESD Experts Address Impact of 2019 Title 24 Energy Code

The 2019 Title 24 Energy Code is changing the way California buildings will be constructed in the post-COVID-19 world.

Evaluate Your Strategy for Thermal-Screening Deployments

As businesses prepare for the workforce’s return to office, employers continue to look for measures that will help build confidence in the workplace and contribute to the wellness of their staff, visitors and guests.

Who are the stakeholders for your intelligent building project?

A common approach to intelligent building design is to begin by building a bunch of smart systems for the sake of having them, and THEN figure out what you can do with them. Rather than successful and productive outcomes, this approach produces results which fall into the category of "technology for technology\’s sake."

Karnatz to Address the Future of Cities at SMPS Chicago Event

A number of drivers are shaping the planning and design of cities and buildings.

SIM Charity Golf Event, Aug 16, 2012

On August 6th, ESD sponsored and participated in the SIM (Society for Information Management) Golf Charity Event for the fourth consecutive year. 

Wilson Describes Best Ways to Achieve Sustainability at IIT

The Illinois Institute of Technology has a laudable goal: It desires to become “the most sustainable urban university campus in the United States.”

ESD Projects Capture Awards in AIA Chicago Contest

The Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Chicago) announced the winners of its 63rd annual Design Excellence Awards – and ESD was involved in three of the winning projects.

Ehret to Share Insights on Healthcare Facilities

The millennial generation is driving the demand for hotel-like hospitals. How will this impact the way hospitals, outpatient facilities and urgent care clinics are designed? Where are the opportunities for the architecture, engineering and construction communities?

Griffin to Discuss Integrated Solutions at UIC

The methodology behind ESD’s integrated design approach is to establish performance goals for a project, design for the climate, reduce thermal loads, use energy-efficient systems and apply best technologies.