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We Know the Way to San Jose

A number of ESD leaders are excited to participate in the world’s most comprehensive discussion on Intelligent Buildings.

Kurt Karnatz, Rick Szcodronski, Rob Knight and Steve Brown will all enjoy sharing Intelligent Building insights as well as hearing from others engaged in the industry at the IBcon conference in San Jose from June 21-June 24.

Kurt will be part of a high-level panel (with Darrell Smith of Google, among others) to discuss “Is My Organization Ready for a Smart Building Program – An Honest Assessment” on June 22. Kurt and the group will explain why long-term business drivers, executive sponsorship, realistic timeframes and technology comprehension are essential attributes to consider.

All ESD attendees look forward to getting together with you for an informal chat at the event. Just e-mail them at kkarnatz@esdglobal.com, rszcodronski@esdglobal.com, rknight@esdglobal.com or sbrown@esdglobal.com, and they’ll get right back to you to figure out a day and time convenient for you.

In the meantime, feel free to check out three particularly well-received pieces of the many ESD has been involved with this spring on Intelligent Buildings by clicking on the links below:

Developing a business case to justify an intelligent building strategy is essential.

Intelligent buildings are a core building block of smart cities.

Heating, electrical, lighting and other smart systems that once chugged along alone need to communicate to create an intelligent building — one that can optimize operation.