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The Great Divide in Cybersecurity

Dark web criminals are finding new ways to exploit backdoor access to private information.

Cybersecurity has traditionally been the concern of information technology (IT) professionals, but as hackers have become more sophisticated, operational technologies (OT) have become more vulnerable. As part of the Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse Expert Interview SeriesBryan Bennett discusses how the IT/OT divide is becoming blurred when it comes to access to sensitive data. He also addresses how “smart” building managers can protect their facilities:

Where Are Buildings Most Vulnerable to Cyber-Attack?

Why are operational technologies the new target?

Hackers can lurk in unsuspected places for an average of 200 days before being detected. Here’s where your organization may be at risk.


What is the best way to uncover cyber-intrusions?

Cyber-criminals are experts at infiltrating your data environment. Bringing in an outside set of eyes to evaluate your systems is the best way to protect sensitive information.


You can also view the entire feature, “The IT/OT Divide: Expert Interview Series, Bryan Bennett, ESD” here.

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