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Data Center Development

ESD Stays Strong in BD+C Data Center Engineer Rankings

ESD has seen solid growth in its mission critical work – a fact noted by a national publication.

Schlattman Discusses Best Options for Wholesale Changes

Over the years, the data center wholesale market has catered to the enterprise user, which is a completely different buyer than the cloud providers.

Reininger, Schlattman and Vallort Attending Top Mission Critical Event

ESD employees have always found great value in attending conferences. One can engage with clients, meet potential ones and gather knowledge from excellent speakers.

Schlattman Joins Mission Critical Advisory Board

Paul Schlattman and Mission Critical magazine have enjoyed a superb relationship for many years. Schlattman’s On Target column has been extremely popular among readers.

Lambiaso to Discuss UL 3223 at CAPRE Event

In 2017, UL announced a partnership with ESD to develop a new data center certification program that aims to provide end-user transparency, provider accountability and proper data center documentation. Next week, ESD and UL representatives will share their insights on the program at a major conference.

Thomas to Offer High Performance Computing Guidance

High Performance Computing (HPC) continues to rise, and it is inevitable that it will place demands on facilities. For instance, HPC administrators often get tasked at the last minute with planning data center needs.

Schlattman Outlines New Data Center Certification Program

The mass adoption of cloud computing has created a risk that a data center, infrastructure or network failure would harm large numbers of companies and individuals…

Schlattman to Discuss Requirements of UL 3223

Mass adoption of cloud computing has created the risk of hampering companies and individuals during a cloud data center, infrastructure or network failure.

M&A Market for Data Centers Stays Strong

The mergers & acquisitions (M&A) market for data centers was robust in 2016. So far in 2017, it is strong once again.