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Demirdoven Relates Importance of BIM at Symposium

Building Information Models (BIMs) are important to building performance optimization. To secure a future of reduced energy use and environmental impacts, cultivating a technology-embracing community is key in developing and maintaining successful BIM programs at universities.

Demirdoven Champions BIM Training for Construction Workforce

While BIM has been around for almost two decades, many contractors still aren’t using it. 

Demirdoven Sees AI Boosting BIM

Companies interest in and incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing each day. How can it be applied to Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

Demirdoven to Present Twice at AEC Conference

At a conference, it’s an honor to present once. But to be asked to offer two presentations on different topics is a sign of an accomplished speaker in demand.

ESD Devoted to Teaching Next Generation About BIM

ESD is committed to the future of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

ASHRAE Selects Demirdoven for BIM Research Group

When one is an expert in a field, it’s no surprise to be chosen to consult for a large organization on the topic of his or her expertise.

Demirdoven Talks About Artificial Intelligence at BIM Symposium

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that helps drive efficiency in projects. Few spread the word about BIM better than Julide Demirdoven.

Demirdoven Discusses AEC Presentations During YouTube Interview

Julide Demirdoven knew she’d give two presentations in Anaheim earlier this month. But she didn’t know she’d be interviewed for a YouTube clip.

Duo Introduces BIM, ESD to Students

It’s always smart to engage students – who could be future employees – outside of the office…