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Demirdoven Champions BIM Training for Construction Workforce

While BIM has been around for almost two decades, many contractors still aren’t using it. Part of the problem could be the challenges involved in getting people properly trained in using BIM for the construction industry. 

It’s critical that the construction industry work with the education community to ensure that BIM training aids the skilled workforce construction requires, Julide Demirdoven – an ESD BIM specialist – explains in the article Making BIM Training More Effective” for United Rentals’ Project Uptime. It’s best taught using a combination of modes, including workshops and on-the-job training.

An example of industry and education working together to create value in the industry, in fact, is the Design-Collaboration Workshops developed by Demirdoven for classes at IIT. And an effective approach to Custom BIM training is to pair young newcomers on-the-job, who are usually tech savvy, with seasoned professionals.