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Solving the Puzzle of Aging BAS

Building Automation Systems (BAS) and the facilities they support often age at different rates, leading many building managers and operators to question when the best time is to upgrade systems.

In a recent article published by Building Operations Management (BOM) magazine, ESD Practice Leader for Automation Steve Brown says building technology systems are often designed, implemented, and operated individually leading to a disconnect about when to upgrade. Brown writes in “5 Steps to Solve the Puzzle of an Aging BAS” what you need to know to get your new systems right. These include identifying opportunities, surveying existing systems and equipment, doing careful assessment and planning, executing on that master plan, and then planning for the future to avoid being outdated down the line. Brown argues the benefits of retrofitting, upgrading, or replacing aging BAS go well beyond the immediate operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Steve Brown focuses on helping clients achieve maximum results through the application of available technologies. His industry expertise helps ESD advance its mission to make society better.

For more information on building automation systems, contact Steve.

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