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Ping Tom Memorial Fieldhouse: A Big Step with a Little Footprint

Designed with Chicago-based architects and design builders Wight & Company, the Ping Tom Memorial Fieldhouse in Chicago’s Chinatown features sustainable systems throughout its many amenities, which include a gymnasium, clubroom, full-size competition pool, zero depth pool, and fitness rooms. The features span from high efficiency lighting to geothermal energy.

“The Public Building Commission (PBC) of Chicago and Wight Construction worked closely with its partners including ESD to meet the PBC’s goals for sustainability, and the successful outcomes can be seen in projects like the Ping Tome Park Memorial Park Fieldhouse,” says Erin Lavin Cabonargi, executive director of the PBC.

To learn more about this project and its sustainable features, check out Danny Cohen’s article in Engineered Systems Magazine, “A Big Step with a Little Footprint.”

Project Gallery: Ping Tom Memorial Fieldhouse