Ping Tom Memorial Park Fieldhouse

Chicago, Illinois

As part of Chicago’s plan to reduce the city’s impact on the environment and establish healthy lifestyle opportunities for all Chicagoans, Ping Tom Memorial Park Fieldhouse’s design reaches beyond the prototype and incorporates various sustainable strategies.

The fieldhouse embodies what can be achieved with the right site, project team, and dedication to prototype improvement through sustainable design. The heating and cooling system uses modular heat pumps connected to a geothermal well field system to extract and reject energy in support of the building’s HVAC system. A self-contained, air-cooled rooftop unit is dedicated solely to ventilating, conditioning, and dehumidifying the pool space. Rainwater is captured from the roof and stored in an underground storage tank where it is treated and used within the facility’s locker room plumbing; and the building can operate continuously in the event of a power outage using the natural gas generator. All of these systems are monitored and controlled, optimizing energy efficiency, by the new direct digital control (DDC) system.