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Gupta Explains Riverside’s Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

With airborne transmission of the coronavirus possible within buildings, as confirmed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization, it’s a crucial time for owners and operators of commercial office space to take proactive measures to improve indoor air quality.

Raj Gupta explains in a video interview how Riverside Investment & Development, in partnership with ESD and cohesion, is taking the necessary actions to improve indoor air quality at 150 North Riverside in Chicago.

Gupta explained the importance of three steps – approved by ASHRAE – that Riverside is taking. First, building operators are ensuring that more outside air flows into the building. Second, they’re upgrading to more efficient MERV15 filters. Third, bipolar ionization air cleaners are deployed to deactivate the virus.

Transparency with tenants will be important moving forward. And Riverside is a step ahead of others in this area.

“Riverside is measuring key indicators of good indoor air quality and making this information available on an app,” Gupta explained.

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