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ESD Earns LEED v4 CI Silver Certification

With the global adoption of LEED v4, ESD took on the challenge to de-bunk the perception that LEED v4 is too costly and too difficult to pursue.

Spearheaded by ESD Energy+Eco, the ESD headquarters in the iconic Willis Tower has been awarded LEED v4 CI Silver Certification. Added construction costs were minimal and included installing energy saving technology (such as automated plugs and occupancy sensors), and the team debunked the difficulty perception by receiving an “above-average” rating by LEED Proven Provider for a quality submission.

To exemplify our commitment to Improving Society Through the Built Environment, the ESD headquarters is our first LEED Administration project to:

  • Receive utility incentive dollars from ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Program for Tenants for exceeding energy code (paid for our certification fees twofold)
  • Implement MEP-related Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to help us select products with a low manufacturing environmental footprint
  • Install formaldehyde sequestering gypsum board to improve indoor air quality in our Print Rooms
  • Install an energy dashboard to display energy consumption and to engage employees
  • Perform Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing to meet LEED recommendations
  • Achieve Fitwel 2-Star certification

ESD’s pursuit of LEED v4 certification shows our dedication to a smarter, more efficient and more sustainable project; it was featured during last year’s Greenbuild conference. Thank you to DW Hammer, Gensler and everyone else involved for making this project a success!