Our Energy+Eco Group works to achieve our client’s “Triple Bottom Line,” by reducing costs associated with energy consumption and maintenance, migrating climate change through carbon dioxide reductions, and improving occupant comfort and health. Our professionals provide the following Energy+Eco services:

Energy Efficiency

Our Energy+Eco team helps our clients achieve energy reduction goals through a comprehensive approach that includes analyzing energy usage, identifying opportunities that reduce demand and consumption, and recommending cost-effective solutions that have a strong return on investments, saving time and money.  We bring inter-disciplinary architecture and engineering core competencies to uncover and implement the most innovative energy solutions across a variety of building sectors. Our experience includes offices, hospitals, public buildings and schools, laboratories, data centers, campuses, central utility plants, thermal energy storage, cogeneration, renewable energy and more. 

Building Analytics

Our energy analytics team utilizes building simulation modeling as a consulting tool for new construction, existing building retrofits, and optimization projects at high performance buildings. Our engineers are experts in architectural energy consulting, HVAC analysis, existing building calibrations, LEED energy modeling, code compliance energy modeling, thermal comfort analysis, high performance buildings, urban scale modeling, positive and zero net energy design and renewable technology. The following types of analyses are used throughout building design phases to inform and collaborate with architectural and engineering teams to optimize and prioritize energy-efficient strategies and technologies.

Sustainability and Green Building Consulting

With the growing number of sustainability certifications available, we’re here to help you understand which certification(s) will meet your organizational objectives and define their associated value proposition. 

Our team has experience on a variety of sustainability certifications serving several different project types. Our various backgrounds allow us to be excellent problem solvers, who are tuned into a project’s schedule, budget and objective. Due to our experience and passion for sustainability, we have presented widely on the subject and have engaged in multiple leadership roles within the sustainability community.  

Our overall sustainability objective is to deliver projects that:

  • Consume less energy, water, and waste to reduce their utility bills and environmental footprint
  • Increase indoor air quality through the installation of low-emitting materials and superior building filtration
  • Provide transparency into a project’s actual performance and occupant satisfaction during occupancy
  • Secure certification(s) that ties to the project’s goals and budget

Health and Wellness Consulting

Health and wellness are common buzzwords in the development market today. Tenants are realizing the importance of providing healthy and comfortable places for their employees to improve productivity and attract talent.

ESD has been a leader in the health and wellness market by infusing well-being concepts into the design, marketing, performance analysis, and operation of built environments. We have experience on multiple projects related to health and wellness projects and have presented widely on the topic. 

As a participant in the first WELL AP provisional class, we have been at the forefront of the health-and-wellness movement. Our staff includes several WELL AP and Fitwel Ambassadors and continues to be a leader in health and wellness certification systems including WELL building, Fitwel, and RESET. Our team can help distinguish the value behind each certification for maximum return on investment, along with their synergies with other certifications (excluding LEED). 

Energy+Eco Commissioning

Commissioning provides a quality-assurance process to ensure designed systems perform as intended and per the owner’s requirements.