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Hyperscale Data Centers

ESD Continues Impressive Run in Rankings

For a fourth straight year, ESD and its Mission Critical Facilities team is being recognized as one of the top three data center engineering firms for 2021. (Read More)

ESD Continues to Rank High Across Multiple Markets

For a fourth year in a row, ESD is rated one of the top three data center sector nationwide engineering firms. (Read More)

Schlattman Examines the Need for Speed in Hyperscale and Multi-Tenant Data Centers

ESD Practice Leader for Mission Critical Facilities says the information technology (IT) industry is answering public demand to deploy services faster than ever. (Read More)

Why Colo4Hyperscale Design Is the Way to Go

These days, colocation companies find themselves reinventing their business models to support hyperscale clients. The challenges include: Do you overbuild to support a hyperscale market, and how do you balance your enterprise clients that require a smaller load than the hyperscale client?

In New Age, Important for Hyperscale Owners to Examine TCO

Within a short time frame, hyperscale data centers have gone from being designed with a typical wholesale data center layout to industrial-level design.

Tumber Illuminates Nuances of Hyperscale Data Centers

Hyperscale data centers are crucial to the running of today’s world economy — outages over the past few years prompted chaos by interrupting continuity, stranding businesses, affecting end users and leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue for major enterprises.

ESD Becoming Big Player in Data-Center M&A Space

ESD’s participation in the mergers-and-acquisitions market in data centers in the United States has exploded this year to $3.9 billion, which represents about 65 data centers…