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ESD experts co-author a review of ASHRAE guidelines and standards they say can serve as a roadmap to planning air distribution systems for modern data centers.

In a recent article for Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) magazine, Project Engineer Justin Hsiao and Senior Project Engineer Ben Olejniczak offer a detailed look at ASHRAE TC9.9 – Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments. In “Air distribution’s importance in data processing environments,” they say the guide serves as a good resource for users looking to understand what is and is not recommended and required for server equipment.

The article is aimed at readers seeking to:

  • Understand ASHRAE TC9.9’s recommended and allowable envelopes for air-cooled information technology (IT) equipment.
  • Learn about common air distribution strategies used to supply air into a data center and cool server infrastructure.
  • Review containment solutions that can aid in the establishment and maintenance of a data center environment and how they mitigate leakage.

Olejniczak and Hsiao also provide overviews of overhead and underfloor air distribution systems as well as a look at the importance of server rack positioning to airflow planning. The comprehensive review also explores leakage mitigation and containment strategies for the different air distribution systems discussed.

Justin Hsiao and Ben Olejniczak freely share their knowledge and expertise to support ESD its commitment as a CFE Media content partner and its mission to improve society through the built environment. Ben is also a member of the CSE editorial advisory board.

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