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For a fourth straight year, ESD and its Mission Critical Facilities team is being recognized as one of the top three data center engineering firms for 2021.

According to BD+C magazine’s recent Giants 400 Report, ESD continues to be a leader in a booming industry. According to Practice Leader Paul Schlattman, “One of biggest takeaways of being ranked 2 or 3 over the past four years is our demonstrated stability. Many times, engineering firms will jump in rankings but also see an increase in customer services issues.”

Schlattman says immediate jumps in rankings often create a work environment that over-stresses workloads which can have a direct impact on employees as well as negatively impact customer service to clients. He says his team is careful to monitor workloads closely and conduct “Go/No-Go” analyses based on levels of capacity. Schlattman added, “By conducting this analysis, we’re able to avoid jeopardizing current projects, as well as appropriately accept new projects that can be serviced correctly.”

The top three firms in the Data Center Sector Architecture Firms for 2021 include our architectural partners, Corgan, Gensler, and Sheehan Nagel Hartray Architects. Schlattman concluded, “Congratulations to the top providers, and we look forward to working with all of you in the coming year!”

Paul Schlattman is an internationally renowned speaker and has published numerous articles within the industry to further ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Contact Paul  for more information on data center development or other data center issues.

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