Integration of photovoltaic panels with curtain wall systems, daylighting optimization through modeling, rainwater harvesting, underfloor air distribution, and rooftop gardens are all effective components of our holistic approach to sustainable design. Employees are greatly influenced by their company’s sustainable initiatives and begin to make conscious efforts of their own that lead to identifiable company cost savings. Our sustainability consultants identify innovative solutions to reduce energy, waste, and operating costs throughout a building’s life cycle.

Our Energy+Eco Group works to achieve our client’s “Triple Bottom Line,” by reducing costs associated with energy consumption and maintenance, migrating climate change through carbon dioxide reductions, and improving occupant comfort and health. Our professionals provide the following Energy+Eco services:

Sustainability & Green Building Consulting

Green rating systems were created with the intent of reducing building energy use, conserving natural resources, and promoting healthier indoor environments. Our Energy+Eco Services team is certified and offers consultative leadership across many of the leading green rating systems in the industry, including LEED, Green Globes, and Estidama.

Benchmarking & Energy Star

Our consultants have a proven track record of setting up new Portfolio Manager accounts, documenting the building characteristics required for accurate benchmarking, and applying for ENERGY STAR certification with minimal review from the EPA.

Energy Auditing

The first step towards making significant energy efficiency improvements is identifying the opportunities, and our team applies their technical expertise to develop energy audits that provide the framework for both low-cost and capital-intensive retrofit projects.

Energy Analytics

One of the key elements of our holistic design approach and our existing building optimization process is energy modeling. Our models incorporate both architectural and engineering components for true integrated design and accurate results for investment-grade audits.

Building Automation System Design

A building automation system (BAS) monitors and controls independent mechanical, electrical, and technology systems to allow for a holistic approach to operating a building. Our building control systems specialists offer BAS assessments, master planning, and design solutions.

Energy Efficiency Project Funding Documentation

Government and utility organizations offer various incentives, grants, and tax deductions to support energy efficient projects in facilities across the US. ESD assists new construction project teams and existing building property owners to identify and secure funding through programs such as ComEd Smart Ideas, commercial buildings energy efficiency tax deductions and bonds, and renewable energy grants.

Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies

Our sustainability consultants work with design teams to incorporate renewable energy technologies into projects globally. Location specific feasibility studies are necessary to validate the effectiveness of these renewable technologies.