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Yalich Talks About Benefits of Power Systems

Society has become intolerant of losing access to anything it regularly uses — including electrical power.

“People have become accustomed to being connected to information and to communicate on a continuous basis,” notes ESD’s Nicholas Yalich in the white paper “Power Reliability – The Value of Power Control Systems and Paralleling Generators” published by ASCO Power Technologies. “It is an integral part of their lives.”

The growing importance of power reliability has led a significant number of facilities to install multiple generators to meet their requirements for emergency/backup power. Systems can be customized to meet the needs of specific facilities. There also are standardized systems.

“Standardized systems are suitable for basic applications, usually with a single utility source, and provide paralleling and transfer controls, genset optimization, and load shed controls,” explained Yalich. “A customized system might involve multiple utility sources, multiple generator busses, and more complex load add and transfer controls.”