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Wolf to Present on the Vulnerabilities of Building Control Systems

Physical security and other building control systems are increasingly prime targets for cybercriminals looking for vulnerabilities to exploit.

Senior Security Systems Consultant Coleman Wolf says these systems were not traditionally built with security in mind. The subject will be explored in greater detail later this month when Wolf presents “Hacking Building Controls for Fun and Profit: Security Risks to Cyber-Physical Systems” at the upcoming GSX (Global Security Exchange) conference on September 27-29. Wolf’s presentation will explore and demonstrate the vulnerabilities that can be exploited and the measures that can be used for defense of these core elements to intelligent buildings. The session is expected to answer why these systems are targets and their value to cybercriminals, what are the vulnerabilities and associated risks with these systems and how to address them.

Coleman Wolf shares his knowledge from over 25 years of security management and security engineering experience to promote ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

For more information on cybersecurity and how you may be at risk, contact Coleman or ESD Cybersecurity Practice Leader Bryan Bennett.

Our Mission is to Improve Society Through the Built Environment.

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