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Why is Understanding the Way COVID-19 Spreads Important to Building Owners and Operators?

The CDC, the WHO and many other organizations have offered their expertise regarding how COVID-19 spreads. As these organizations learn more about the virus and how it is transmitted, society gains confidence in what building owners and operators are doing to reduce the risk of transmitting the disease.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization and other experts continue to learn more about how COVID-19 spreads. The importance of understanding how this virus spreads informs building owners to develop governance, operations and investment strategies for creating conditions to reduce the impact of the virus spreading within their buildings.

The three main ways the virus spreads are:

  1. Respiratory droplets
  2. Airborne transmission
  3. Contaminated surfaces

Listen to our podcast as Raj Gupta, Executive Chairman, ESD, reviews the three ways COVID-19 spreads:

The ESD Two-Minute Drill | Three Ways the Coronavirus Spreads:

Explore four building governance, operations and investment strategies to reduce the impact of COVID-19 within your building. Hint – only one of the strategies requires investments in building infrastructure and technology.

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