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The WELL Health-Safety Movement

Have you seen the advertising campaign “Look for the WELL Health-Safety seal”?

The WELL Health-Safety seal signifies that measures have been taken in the space to support the health and safety of occupants. Celebrities including Lady Gaga, Venus Williams, Wolfgang Puck – along with the 17th Surgeon General Richard Carmona – are raising awareness through a campaign that went live on Jan. 25 to help people feel more confident entering offices, stores, schools, restaurants and more by looking for the WELL Health-Safety Seal. To date, 6,750 assets have received the WELL Health-Safety seal.

What is the WELL Health-Safety seal? It is a decal awarded to spaces that have achieved WELL Health-Safety Rating. The rating is informed by years of research by hundreds of leading medical professionals, public health experts and building professionals and takes a holistic approach to occupant health and safety. The rating is applicable to any space type and is a great step toward promoting safer indoor spaces as found in this article in Facility Executive magazine.

ESD created the flyer below to provide a high-level overview of the WELL Health-Safety Rating based on our experience on five WELL Health-Safety projects.

If you have any questions regarding the WELL Health-Safety Rating, reach out to Tim Zelazny, ESD’s Senior Envelope and Healthy Buildings Specialist.

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