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Thermal Storage

Engineering Design That Keeps Things Chill

A chiller plant ESD designed proves the importance of building infrastructure that fits seamlessly in areas that would rather not see pipes, wires and more…

Should Data Centers Be a Cool Customer?

Saahil Tumber discusses best practices when looking at immersion cooling for data center projects in the most recent issue of CSE magazine. He outlines the different options available for liquid-immersion cooling…

Chase Tower

When it comes to creating energy efficiencies in a major commercial building, what can be more effective than free cooling? After over ten years of upgrades on Chicago’s historic Chase Tower’s ancillary …

Follett Higher Education: Aurora Warehouse and Their Green Energy Initiative

Improved Efficiency Comes in all Shapes and Sizes: Aurora Warehouse and Their Green Energy Initiative

Taibah University

The cooling decisions made during the initial design of the central cooling plant for Taibah University would influence the design of all future additions or renovations to the campus.