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Chase Tower

Chase Tower

Chicago, Illinois

Chase Tower’s building systems infrastructures were reaching the end of their useful lives, and the building owner and tenants were experiencing rising energy costs. In order to prioritize the necessary upgrades and replacements needed to reestablish the tower as best in class, ESD developed a multi-phased master plan and budget. The master plan guided the renovations to ensure synergy among changes and maximize stakeholders’ return on investment.

Upgrades to the building’s mechanical infrastructure included new fans, pressure-independent control valves, and rebuilt chillers. Variable frequency drives (VFD’s) were installed to control fan speed based on cooling demand, leading to $1,602,847 in savings. Building-wide lighting controls were installed, along with a replacement building automation system (BAS). An Ethernet system provides quick communications and remote operator access for the BAS and HVAC and lighting controls.

The implementation of ESD’s master plan helped Chase Tower realize 50% in operational energy savings for the building. “It was a job of necessity from an operations perspective,” said Ken Bartman, Midwest manager and general manager of Chase Tower. “The building had obsolete systems; we were 40 years behind the technology.” The project received an ASHRAE Excellence in Engineering Award, and Chase Tower is once again best in class for another 50 years.