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Supertall Buildings Infrastructure: Designing Vertical Cities

This paper explores the methodology behind designing a supertall building where it concerns system configurations that support sustainable construction; the ways in which the design interacts with the environment; coordinating within the limits of the manufactured products available for MEP infrastructure; and responding to regional climatic and building code requirements. It will provide discourse on some of the top concerns within supertall building design including system pressures and an electrical design capable of efficiently and economically distributing power to all parts of the building while exploring why the architectural space planning, building riser shafts, and MEP design must take into account these unique challenges. Efficiency comes from the development itself – the environment, the structural components, the configuration, the organization of building systems, and how they are envisioned to work with each other. The paper concludes that an integrated design process is the foundation of an effective, economical, and sustainable supertall building development.

Read the paper published by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).