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Jalayerian Shares HVAC Systems Design Approach Strategies With the Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on indoor air quality in buildings.

Mehdi Jalayerian, an expert on major high-rise and supertall buildings and a member of the Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings (CCHRB), recently presented at the group’s monthly meeting. He provided guidance on HVAC system design and operations best practices that help mitigate risk and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in the context of post-pandemic high-rise commercial office building ventilation performance. Jalayerian also discussed the distinct advantages of floor-by-floor air handling units and provided an overview of four HVAC system configurations for high-rise commercial office buildings that prioritize IAQ.

CCHRB is a prestigious, not-for-profit organization focused on supporting research and disseminating information for economic design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of high-rise buildings. Membership is exclusive. Each associate must have credentials and a focus consistent with the mission of the organization.

Reach out to Mehdi if you would like further assistance in better understanding how to optimize HVAC system configurations and air distribution methods in high-rise offices.

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