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It?s a Tall Order, but ESD Delivers

Making a building more suitable for construction – especially when it’s slated to be one of the tallest in the world – is an important task only a few firms can execute.

ESD collaborated with the project team to provide peer review for the Lakhta Center, an office building in St. Petersburg, Russia that soars above 1,500 feet and is scheduled to open later this year. ESD’s High Performance Building Group – which has worked on skyscrapers around the world – examined the extremely complex floor plan (which involved double-walled cavities to protect against the cold) and offered solutions on how best to improve the building’s construction, performance and sustainability.

One example: ESD proved that the chiller plant selected for the Lakhta Center would not function well over the long-term. ESD suggested a better alternative to help the building save money and be more energy-efficient.